Rotterdam-born visual artist Jan Kluveld exhibited his artwork in Rotterdam on several places and during cultural festivals like Poetry International and Film International. His The Broken Mirror of Narcissus was displayed on the ceiling of café Radio Rijnmond. He contributed to art magazines. After yeas of study he now introduces compositions of acrylic paint on canvas that are as small as a post stamp and are captured with macro photography and direct sunlight. In 2016 he introduced his work online. He became a featured artist of the Urban Riche Gallery when he participated in the exhibition Spectrum.  He was a awarded a special merit for his composition Moon Wife for the exhibition Abstract of the Light Space Time Gallery and  a special recognition award for the exhibition Figurative of the same gallery for his composition Olympia. In Budapest, he took part in a group exhibition of  black and white photography in the brick and mortar Gallery PH21 with the composition Dilemma.